Active Voice | Jonathan Bower: We Must Revise Our Lives

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Our new series, Active Voice: Writers Respond, asks Alaska writers to explore how current events and issues are shaping their work and their perspective on the state of our democratic values of justice, freedom, equality, and liberty. In addition to this blog series, we will also host 49 Writers Active Voice events in Juneau and Anchorage featuring local and visiting … Read More

Guest Blogger Don Rearden | Avoid the Wasteland: Pick.Click.Give. More

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March slips out a snow-dumped, slightly shivering lamb—and the cruelest month is all but here. Here’s a little known alternative fact for you. T.S. Eliot was talking about April in Alaska for that section of The Waste Land. Didn’t know that did you? Although he died 17 years before the first dividend payment, and despite the fact he wasn’t an Alaskan … Read More

Charles Boyle | Active Voice: Writers Respond

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We’re excited to announce a new series at 49 Writers, Active Voice: Writers Respond, that will call on you, the Alaska writing community, to react, reflect, and respond to current events. The opening months of 2017 have been tumultuous and unprecedented. The cultural, societal, and civic direction of our nation is being challenged under the new Presidential administration. Each day seems … Read More