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Our Members Matter

Because we are a community-supported nonprofit, your contributions play a vital part in providing creative writing workshops, bringing author events to your community, maintaining the 49 Writers blog, and more—not to mention building a community of writers across the state. Membership has risen steadily over the years. We have a strong presence in Southcentral Alaska and a very active group in Juneau and beyond. A quarter of our members live in Southeast Alaska, which has made it possible to expand creative writing classes and author events there through collaborations with partners.

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You can pay online by credit card or a PayPal account. You can also mail a check to 49 Writers, Inc. at PO Box 140014, Anchorage, AK 99514-0014. Membership is good for 12 months through the month in which you join or renew. For example, if you make your payment on May 15, 2018, your membership is valid through May 2019.  

49 Writers, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization, tax ID 27-2460995. Since we offer member discounts, check with a tax consultant to determine whether all or a portion of your contribution might be tax-deductible.

TutkaBayRetreatTutkaBayRetreatDaryl Farmer signs his bookTutkaBayRetreatby Mary Virginia StroudKathleen Dean Moore and Libby Roderick

Membership Levels

Since you, our members, sustain, inspire, and challenge us—just as the great rivers of Alaska have sustained, inspired, and challenged the people here for millennia—we have chosen rivers as our theme. It is, after all, your membership that will carry 49 Writers into the future. Just decide what giving level best suits you and join us for a creative journey! Whether you are a writer yourself or a lover of literature, your investment in 49 Writers helps to support the development of writers across Alaska, foster a writing community, and build an audience for literature.

Who hears the rippling of rivers will not utterly despair of anything.Thoreau

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Matanuska ($49-99)

Southcentral Alaska’s Matanuska River is named for the glacier in the Chugach Mountains where it originates. While it flows through some wild and beautiful country, it’s an accessible, relatively gentle river. Constricted in places into a singular channel and braided shallow and wide in others, this river is varied and relatively short, almost reaching the sea before merging with the Knik River for that final push. Matanuska members make a daily difference, providing fundamental service to the 49 Writers watershed and ensuring a magnificent and inspiring setting for both daily and extraordinary experiences.

Kobuk ($100-249)

Northwestern Alaska’s Kobuk River is one of our longest rivers, flowing through the Arctic where summer is brief and winter is long—perfect for the writing life. The river serves as a lifeblood of the region, housing sheefish, whitefish, and caribou. Spring sees dramatic break-up events when the frozen river begins to melt, generating ice dams that cause water and ice to move downstream with tremendous force. Kobuk members also leave a mark—carving new river channels, flooding old ones and moving sediment ever closer toward the delta and into the sea.

Stikine ($250-499)

The Stikine River begins in Canada and reaches the sea in Southeast Alaska. This 369-mile-long international river has a pristine, diverse, and wild watershed the size of Switzerland. John Muir compared the lower 100 miles of the river to Yosemite; farther up, the so-called Grand Canyon of the Stikine has only been paddled by some 50 whitewater kayakers. The protected river estuary provides critical habitat to migratory birds and salmon still thrive there. Stikine donors are fearless explorers intent on helping 49 Writers navigate clean, swift waters safely.

Laureate Circle

Becoming a Laureate Circle member is a deeper investment in 49 Writers. It demonstrates your belief in our vision of “a vibrant community of Alaskan writers coming together to create, share, and inspire.” It shows your commitment to supporting the artistic development of writers throughout Alaska, fostering a writing community, and building an audience for literature. You are a community of special friends who are making 49 Writers a charitable priority.

Please consider increasing the impact of your gift to 49 Writers by becoming a Laureate Circle member today. As a Laureate Circle member you will enjoy all the benefits of membership and also receive invitations to private author events and special gatherings. 49 Writers, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization, tax ID 27-2460995. Since we offer member discounts, check with a tax consultant to determine whether all or a portion of your contribution might be tax-deductible.

Laureate Circle: Copper ($500-999)

The Copper River drains an area of the Wrangell and Chugach Mountains the size of West Virginia into the Gulf of Alaska. Beginning almost 300 river miles from the coast, it flows due north off Mount Wrangell before winding west, then southeast, then southwest, traversing dry glaciated country before breaching the otherwise-impassable Chugach into the coastal rainforest. The river is a mile wide at the delta and provides critical habitat for migrating birds. Its salmon, targeted by subsistence, sport, and commercial fishermen alike, are world renowned. This rivers links a diverse array of cultures, economies, and human and natural histories in Alaska. Like your riverine namesake, the positive effects of our Copper level contributors touch nearly everyone in the 49 Writers ecosystem.

Laureate Circle: Kuskokwim ($1,000-2,049)

The Kuskokwim is the longest free-flowing river in the United States, wide and calm once it tumbles down from its headwater mountains. Conducive to both summer and winter travel, the river aids Yup’ik and Athabaskan people in subsistence activities. The Kuskokwim River covers great distance and ties together otherwise disparate country; likewise, the generosity of our Kusko contributors helps to connect the source and sea of the 49 Writers mission.

Laureate Circle: Yukon ($2,500+)

Perhaps the most famous river of the north, the Yukon is also the longest river in Alaska or the Yukon. Throughout history it has served as an essential transportation route, and eventually facilitated the Klondike Gold Rush. Yukon means “great river” in Gwich’in, and the river hosts one of the world’s longest salmon runs. Yukon salmon are particularly noted for their rich, oily meat – with such vast distances to cover between the ocean and spawning grounds, the fish need great fat and energy reserves to power their journey upstream into natal waters in Alaska and Canada. As a Yukon level contributor, you are with us for the long run, and your support is crucial to the continuing work of 49 Writers.


Additional Ways to Support 49 Writers

If you receive a Permanent Fund Dividend, please donate to us annually through Pick.Click.Give in addition to your annual membership donation. If you shop at Fred Meyer, sign up for their Fred Meyer Community Rewards program and a percentage of your purchases will go to 49 Writers (non-profit #93933). And lastly, while we wholeheartedly entreat you to please support local, independent bookstores, we know that some of you buy items—not just books—from Amazon. If that’s you, please take a moment to create an AmazonSmile account and designate 49 Writers to receive 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases when you shop, without costing you anything extra. But really… shop local first!

Alaskans, in addition to your membership donation, please include 49 Writers in your Pick.Click.Give. selections when you file for your PFD each year.