Jeremy Pataky | Juneau Out Loud

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Lots of good reasons could justify short wintertime trips to Juneau, but I felt lucky that poetry was the reason behind last week’s trip. Julie Hungiville LeMay and I were invited by Alaska State Council on the Arts (ASCA) to serve as judges for this year’s Alaska Statewide Poetry Out Loud Competition there, a fun opportunity I enjoyed once several … Read More

Christine Byl | My Annual Reading Report

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“My Annual Reading Report,” by Christine Byl, 43rd grade. 2016 was a tough year for many reasons (wretched politics, climate change in the Arctic, bigotry and sexism, deaths of dear human and canine friends, no more Leonard Cohen albums). A combination of mental restlessness, depth avoidance, and periods of grief meant I didn’t read as much as I usually do. … Read More

Tidal Echoes: Southeast’s Literary and Arts Journal

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By Kaylyn Haslund and Maranda Clark Tidal Echoes is Southeast Alaska’s annual Literary and Arts journal. For the last 15 years, Tidal Echoes has published the work of local artists and writers. First published in 2004, the journal has grown exponentially with more than 300 submissions a year. The journal was founded by Professor Alexis Easley and Professor Emily Wall … Read More

Mary Catharine Martin | The Perils of Writing Wilderness: On Dave Eggers’s ‘Heroes of the Frontier’

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In the last few months, Alaska has been brutal to people I know. A friend who’s so knowledgeable about the wilderness he teaches college classes on the subject got mauled by a bear on a mountain outside Haines. The outdoors-savvy boyfriend of a friend disappeared while running or hiking outside Nome. A bush pilot I flew with last year crashed … Read More

Jeremy Pataky | Apply for a Funded Residency in 2017

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We’re fortunate to live in a place so rich with story and art, where culture and economies relate in healthful—or at least richly complex—ways. Alaska individuals, businesses, and philanthropists value and invest in local artists and we harvest the resulting fruits. Busts, booms, and all, Alaska life is good, and often sweetened—like highbush cranberries after first frost—by all the challenges … Read More

Ernestine Hayes: Closing Out the Month

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It’s come to the end of the month. Thanks to 49 Writers for inviting me to participate in these weekly posts. With workshops, writers’ blogs, CrossCurrents, Poems in Place, and their many other services for writers in Alaska and beyond, 49 Writers is indeed an Alaska presence. I was fortunate enough to spend two months this past summer at Djerassi … Read More

Ernestine Hayes: Who are we reading? Who are we writing?

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As I prepare to teach the UAS spring e-learning class “Alaska Literature, Native and non-Native Perspectives,” a never-resolved question comes up yet again: what is Alaska literature, anyway? When I ask my students to cite examples of works they consider Alaska literature, the tired romanticism of finding oneself in Alaska’s natural beauty and the ethnocentric trope of conquering the “wilderness” … Read More

Ernestine Hayes: Voices in the “Wilderness”

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I recently sat on a panel of artists who were invited to share how our identities and our work have been shaped by the Alaska landscape. I’m most often surprised and flattered when I’m asked to participate in that sort of event, and in addition to the honor of seeing my name alongside the names of successful, prominent others, I … Read More