Jeremy Pataky | Steam Ahead, Writers

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Thanksgiving’s just two days away. The calendar will flick that domino into the year’s remaining days, triggering the ol’ chain reaction. It would be easy to let time slip right by till the New Year ball drops. Don’t let it. On the cusp of the holidaze, I’m chiming in with a friendly reminder to take care of the writer in … Read More

Jeremy Pataky | Louise Erdrich Coming to Tutka Bay

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Word went out via email a while back to those on our mailing list announcing the exciting news that Louise Erdrich will be our guest instructor this year at our 8th Annual Tutka Bay Writers Retreat. We’re awfully excited that she’s coming and have heard—and seen, as reflected in the high number of applications coming in—that many of you are … Read More

Jeremy Pataky | Once Upon Right Now

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This was originally published last week in the Anchorage Press, the first in a new column there called Yeah Write. April’s half spent, early gulls have been showing up, and the sun is off and running on its night-eating, post-hibernation binge that will last till solstice. Proper spring’s not here yet, but it’s coming on fast. Gravel-crusted snow piles heaped like mine … Read More

Jeremy Pataky | Thanks | noun plural \ˈthaŋ(k)s

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DEAR MEMBERS, SUPPORTERS, WRITERS, READERS, AND FRIENDS NEAR AND FAR As the Thanksgiving holiday harkens in the last stretch of 2016, it’s natural to reflect back on the year while turning an eye toward the future. It’s been a decidedly transitional year, both for 49 Writers, Inc.and for our state and entire nation, in ways both obvious and subtle. We … Read More

New Digs for the Blog!

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It’s been almost nine years to the day since Deb Vanasse posted the very first post on this blog. 49 Writers was not yet a nonprofit organization back then, we had not started offering classes and events, and the blog still had its original name—49 Writers, No Moose. Deb’s first sentence in that first post reads “Amazing writers live in … Read More

Jeremy Pataky | Apply for a Funded Residency in 2017

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We’re fortunate to live in a place so rich with story and art, where culture and economies relate in healthful—or at least richly complex—ways. Alaska individuals, businesses, and philanthropists value and invest in local artists and we harvest the resulting fruits. Busts, booms, and all, Alaska life is good, and often sweetened—like highbush cranberries after first frost—by all the challenges … Read More

Jeremy Pataky | Spring Confession

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Spring confession: my regular journaling practice has lapsed. Piles of full notebooks attest to years spent dutifully writing daily—not just accounts and takes on this one life’s plot, so to speak. Also fragments of overheard conversation, excerpts from books, found language from our text-heavy world, quirky idioms people say, poem or essay ideas, directions, lists, you name it. Since college, … Read More

Jeremy Pataky | Our Creative Community

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I left McCarthy late last week, Juneau-bound for 49 Writers meetings. With other stops along the way, it’s proven to be an inspiring whirlwind. I head back to the Wrangells filled up by this huge place full of creative, hardworking artists, where even the distances that separate us are wild and beautiful. I arrived in Anchorage after the release party … Read More