Guest Blogger Meagan Macvie | Publishing (and Learning) with Ooligan Press

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This is the final post from our December guest blogger Meagan Macvie. 49 Writers was pleased to sponsor Meagan’s southcentral Alaska book tour this month. I was nearly forty when I got serious about writing creatively, and once committed, I did so with a fierce urgency. I left full-time employment, joined writing groups, attended conferences, hosted readings, and was lucky … Read More

Guest Blogger David Ramseur | Crazy Russian Stories Alone Don’t Make a Book

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  Spritzing vodka on an Alaska Airlines jet when de-icing fluid couldn’t be found in the Russian Far East. Alaska’s First Lady forgetting her passport on the first high-profile visit to the USSR in 40 years. Launching notes of friendship across the Bering Strait tied to weather balloons instead of messages in a bottle to re-establish ties with Russia. There … Read More

Guest Blogger Lizbeth Meredith | How Turning My Book from a Baby into a Product Helped Restore My Sanity

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It’s easy to see why authors compare launching their books to birthing a baby. The gestation period between signing my contract and publishing my memoir, Pieces of Me: Rescuing My Kidnapped Daughters was precisely nine months. The sleepless nights as I tossed and turned before the book’s release were as constant as they were during both of my pregnancies. The … Read More

Guest Blogger Lizbeth Meredith | Grants: Beyond the Cash Benefit

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A few months before publishing my memoir, I was drowning in book-related expenses. And while some of them were discretionary—contests, book marks and cards, shipping of the paperbacks I wanted to sell directly during events, and website upgrades, to name a few—they seemed important to my book’s success. I considered a second job, but didn’t know when I’d have time … Read More

Guest Blogger Don Rearden | Swallowing a Wolverine and Other Clever Tricks to Publish an Amazon Best-Seller

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  A crazy thing happened the other day. When I catch my students writing language similar to the previous sentence, I often ask them to think of the word “thing” as a great opportunity to replace a word with little meaning and instead insert words that reveal specific details, clarity, passion and power. Sometimes, however, either in the case of … Read More

Michael Engelhard | Breitbarted

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It’s an old saw that, once writers release their creations into the world, they sort of relinquish control over them. Released like birds, words come home to roost or fall prey to sniping ambush. I am not speaking of rights signed over to publishers here, or of the comments sections of online publications—home for truculent trolls—but rather, the byzantine practice … Read More