Back in Print, Part III: Re-publishing your out-of-print book in digital format, a series

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Continued from part II. THE FINAL UPLOAD Only a few more steps and my 2002 out-of-print travel narrative, Searching for Steinbeck’s Sea of Cortez, would be available to e-readers. I did not use the “Kindle Create” feature, now available at Amazon’s KDP, for example, so I can’t speak to its ability to ease the chore of laying out a book. … Read More

Guest Blogger Meagan Macvie | Publishing (and Learning) with Ooligan Press

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This is the final post from our December guest blogger Meagan Macvie. 49 Writers was pleased to sponsor Meagan’s southcentral Alaska book tour this month. I was nearly forty when I got serious about writing creatively, and once committed, I did so with a fierce urgency. I left full-time employment, joined writing groups, attended conferences, hosted readings, and was lucky … Read More

Guest Blogger David Ramseur | Crazy Russian Stories Alone Don’t Make a Book

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  Spritzing vodka on an Alaska Airlines jet when de-icing fluid couldn’t be found in the Russian Far East. Alaska’s First Lady forgetting her passport on the first high-profile visit to the USSR in 40 years. Launching notes of friendship across the Bering Strait tied to weather balloons instead of messages in a bottle to re-establish ties with Russia. There … Read More

Guest Blogger Lizbeth Meredith | How Turning My Book from a Baby into a Product Helped Restore My Sanity

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It’s easy to see why authors compare launching their books to birthing a baby. The gestation period between signing my contract and publishing my memoir, Pieces of Me: Rescuing My Kidnapped Daughters was precisely nine months. The sleepless nights as I tossed and turned before the book’s release were as constant as they were during both of my pregnancies. The … Read More

Guest Blogger Lizbeth Meredith | Grants: Beyond the Cash Benefit

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A few months before publishing my memoir, I was drowning in book-related expenses. And while some of them were discretionary—contests, book marks and cards, shipping of the paperbacks I wanted to sell directly during events, and website upgrades, to name a few—they seemed important to my book’s success. I considered a second job, but didn’t know when I’d have time … Read More

Guest Blogger Don Rearden | Swallowing a Wolverine and Other Clever Tricks to Publish an Amazon Best-Seller

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  A crazy thing happened the other day. When I catch my students writing language similar to the previous sentence, I often ask them to think of the word “thing” as a great opportunity to replace a word with little meaning and instead insert words that reveal specific details, clarity, passion and power. Sometimes, however, either in the case of … Read More