49 Writers Weekly Round-Up

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Tired of all the press on Sarah’s new book? We got some nice press of our own this week at 49 Writers. This month’s Alaska Magazine has a nice large write-up on our Ode to a Dead Salmon contest, including a big ugly picture and a quote from the winning entry, with a link to the finalists on their website. … Read More

Your Turn: Going Rogue — or not? (plus online book club ideas)

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Thanks to Bill Sherwonit for passing on this news item from the Associated Press:“An independent bookseller in Sarah Palin’s home state is donating the proceeds he makes off her book to a group that is among the biggest critics of the former Republican vice presidential candidate. Don Muller owns Old Harbor Books in Sitka. He’s selling Palin’s memoir, “Going Rogue,” … Read More

49 Writers Weekly Round-Up

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Have you weighed in on the MFA question this week? We’d love to hear from writers who’ve earned MFAs, who are working on MFAs, or who are wondering if they should pursue MFAs. Another popular post this week was part two of featured author Ken Waldman’s “In Defense of Self-Promotion.” Ken’s post along with Mark Coker’s Smashwords Book Marketing Guide … Read More

49 Writers weekly round-up

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How far can writers ride the coattails of our illustrious former governor? Perhaps quite a ways, which is some small justice in the face of Palin’s gigantic advance. First, Going Rouge: An American Nightmare, launching the same day as Palin’s Going Rogue. Edited by two Nation staffers, Going Rouge is a collection of 23 essays addressing Palin’s catapult to fame … Read More

49 writers weekly round-up

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“Only dead fish go with the flow.” What more could we ask from Alaska’s ex-governor Sarah Palin? It’s a perfect prompt for the 49 Writers “Ode to a Dead Salmon” Contest. We began the contest Monday, and submissions are already rolling in. Check out our contest guidelines and email your submission to debv@gci.net. by August 15. Many thanks to Ray … Read More

What do Sarah Palin and novelist Alice Hoffman have in common?…

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…besides an unfortunate fondness for Twitter? Thin skin. Here in Alaska, we’re all familiar by now with the erratic and manic manner Palin employed in her recent resignation speech (and follow-up Tweets) – defensively and unattractively promoting herself on the way out, while bashing anyone who has dared question or criticize her. The Palin explosion reminded me of another very … Read More

Carving a Landscape

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Last Thursday I rounded up writerly news for the week, set it to post Friday morning, and set off for a three-day weekend in one of my favorite camping spots. The road wound out of the haze and away from traffic to a place where we relaxed in mountain silence. Our almost-grown pup behaved sensibly as she was carried across … Read More

Living Alaskan

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You’re from Alaska? There’s an upside and a downside to the question, as anyone who has lived here for any length of time will attest. Here, featured author Dana Stabenow weighs in on both. For years I tried to get an agent because “everybody” told me that the way the publishing game worked was you got an agent who then … Read More

49 writers weekly round-up

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Here comes the first big three-day weekend of summer, with all of us reeling from a better-than-expected spring. In true Alaskan summer form, we’re rounding up mostly sunshine and good vibes, but while you’re out and about, don’t forget to pick up your copy of Tide, Feather, Snow for the 49 Writers book club discussion next month. We’ve got a … Read More