Spotlight on Alaska Books | Ice Bear by Michael Engelhard

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Ice Bear: The Cultural History of an Arctic Icon, by Michael Engelhard I, who normally shun crowds, had shown up at a Fairbanks political rally with a crude homemade sign: Polar Bears want babies, too. Stop our addiction to oil! I was protesting recurring attempts to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the area with the highest concentration of polar … Read More

Spotlight on Alaska Books | Lizbeth Meredith: Pieces of Me

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Prologue: AFTERMATH 2016 Sometimes I’m asked if I feel lucky. Usually, it’s after I’ve given a presentation about domestic violence or the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study, and in the context of “Aren’t you glad all the bad stuff happened when your kids were little?” As though prebirth and early childhood experiences are any less impactful. The truth is, I do feel lucky, but not because my … Read More

Spotlight on Alaska Books: Wealth Woman, by Deb Vanasse

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Excerpt: An exceptional and complex woman, Kate will prove herself neither angel nor demon. Her perspective—and indeed the perspective of all Native people—will be overlooked time and again in the plethora of books that will be written about the Klondike, popular accounts of the gold rush that emphasize the values and accomplishments of outsiders. But when pieced together decades after … Read More

Spotlight on Alaska Books | Trucker Dude by John Foley

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“We were hiking down this trail outside of Anchorage, and we see a moose blocking the trail… Big animal, so we stopped and were thinking about cutting through the woods to get around… Then this guy walked right by and sort of sneered, as if to say, ‘Real men don’t fear moose.’ I was tempted to show him the damage … Read More

Spotlight on Alaska Books | Copper Mother by Alyse Knorr

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After Our Friends arrived, we took them to Burger King for the cinnamon-bun breakfast and along the way, showed them our skyscrapers and cars, several war zones and exploding beached whales, plus all that pollution and the Beijing women bending through morning exercises— the usual signs of a modern society reflecting upon itself, lamenting all its wrongs as it commits … Read More