Bausler & Houck | Northwords 2017: Discovering Paul Theroux

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Northwords 2017: Discovering Paul Theroux By Katie Bausler and Amy O’Neill Houck, 49 Writers Board Members “All genuine knowledge originates in direct experience.” ~Mao Tse Tung (as quoted by Paul Theroux) Before we signed up for the North Words Writer’s Symposium, held the first weekend in June in Skagway, neither of us had read Paul Theroux, the keynote speaker. We … Read More

Mary Odden | On Writing the Essay “March”

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Cheered on by readers who told me that an essay dedicated to old friend Norman Wilkins “worked,” though it was written in various moods and moments over about 20 years, I’m going to take a moment to finger that miracle. The essay is a small bucket of improbables—love for the consummate knowledge of two woodsman friends, a mix of ambivalence … Read More

Kathi Diamant | Dispatch from Berlin: You’ve Got To Be There

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Kathia Diamant is visiting Anchorage Sept. 24 – 28, 2016 through an author exchange program sponsored by Adventures by the Book. In partnership with the Alaska Writers Guild, 49 Writers is featuring these visiting authors in workshops at the AWG conference on Saturday, Sept. 24 and also at a members-only salon event on Sunday, Sept. 25 (details here).   Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, 20 September 2016 … Read More

49 Writers: Guest Blogger Lucian Childs | Writing and Nostalgia

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“He says, narrative is the aftermath of violent events. It is a means of reconciling yourself with the past. He says,  the violence in the Odyssey is a story told afterwards, in a cave.” —Rachel Cusk, Aftermath: On Marriage and Separation I find it difficult to write about the present day. Specifically, it’s been hard for me to write about … Read More

Mary Catharine Martin | The Perils of Writing Wilderness: On Dave Eggers’s ‘Heroes of the Frontier’

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In the last few months, Alaska has been brutal to people I know. A friend who’s so knowledgeable about the wilderness he teaches college classes on the subject got mauled by a bear on a mountain outside Haines. The outdoors-savvy boyfriend of a friend disappeared while running or hiking outside Nome. A bush pilot I flew with last year crashed … Read More

Erin Hollowell: Haiku You

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Last year I had a big poetry manuscript project that I was working feverishly on. This year, I knew that I would finish that project in the first quarter, and I worried that I might just stop writing. This is a common fear of writers, that the last thing we’ve written will be the LAST thing we’ll write. I wanted … Read More

Writing Your Place Workshop: A Guest Post by Douglass Bourne

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Robert Finch begins The Primal Place, a collections of personal essays about living on Cape Cod, with the line, “One of the occupational hazards of living in a place like Cape Cod is not always knowing where you are.” Finch goes on to describe disorienting weather conditions ranging from fog to storm, yet the discombobulation mostly comes from change. Cape … Read More