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We recruit qualified faculty to teach for 49 Writers. If you are a published writer with teaching experience and a passion for your craft, we want to hear from you! If you have expertise pertaining to other aspects of writing and the writing life, let’s talk.

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Proposing a Course

First, review our Instructor’s Guidelines: Download PDF
Next, complete and submit a Course Proposal Form (below) for each proposed course.

Spring season (January—early May)
Fall season (mid September—December)
Course proposals are reviewed on a rolling basis. Contact us with any questions.

Course Proposal Form

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While we remain flexible, our course offerings typically fit into one of three categories: 1) Elements courses (6-8 hours); 2) Genre-based workshops (12-15 hours); and 3) Special topics (single session of 2-3 hours). Our students prefer evenings and weekends and courses that last less than six weeks.

Elements courses include cross-genre topics like character, voice, narrative structure, point of view, description, beginnings, revision, and narrative time. Workshops are by genre, alternating between fundamentals classes for emerging writers and workshops exploring advanced techniques. In workshops, students draft and revise within their genres. While we hope all our courses are engaging and fun, our special topics courses, with an exploratory bent, are intended to be especially so. We strive to balance course offerings each term with regard to length, type, and genre.

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