Happy Leap Year! – some suggestions for what you can do with that extra day

Welcome to your extra day. What will you do with it?
I will be standing by to register to you for any of the
amazing March or April classes 49 Writers is offering. 
Maybe you want to learn how to write good endings and achieve closure,
or learn about writing through the work of Anna Akhmatova, or practice the
increasingly popular art of writing in poetic form, or use Microsoft Word to publish
to Kindle, or set your fiction on fire with Kim Heacox.
Of course, maybe you are looking for an in-depth ONLINEworkshop in Flash Fiction. We’ve got one of those as well, taught by the
amazing Katey Schultz (you can still sign up this week….).
Or maybe, you’ll have a little time to spend reading and
writing today. Moving your hand across the lines as the words stack up,
building a world you see as vividly as the one before your eyes. The feel of the
page beneath your fingers, being pulled into the skin of another, feeling their
hurt and elation. Reading and writing, the most delicious of magic acts.
As the wonderful poet Ocean Vuong wrote:
Writing, if nothing else, is a bridge between two
people, a bridge made of language. And language belongs to all of us. If I
enjoy a poem, that just means I am recognizing within it something of myself,
something I must already possess. Therefore, to love a poem is to love a part
of myself revealed to me by another person…I really believe that writing is the
closest thing we have to true magic. Where else, but in words, can we discover
each other out of thin air?

Get out there this week and make magic,

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  1. Thanks for the suggestions on what to do today for our extra day of the year. I worked on my senior creative nonfiction capstone project, as well as working on my own personal blog. I accomplished some goals I set for the week, and it was great. I look forward to what 49 Writers has to offer for the upcoming months!

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