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A vibrant community of diverse Alaskan writers.

We are writers of diverse cultures and backgrounds.

We come together to learn, develop, and share common literary interests.

We preserve the stories of our lives through journaling, blogging and memoir.

We craft poetry and prose gracing the pages of national magazines and literary journals.

We enrich our communities with letters, articles and commentary.

Our books make the New York Times bestseller lists and are honored with international recognition.

We are Alaskan writers cultivated and encouraged by 49 Writers for more than a decade.

Please join us as we nurture the gift of the written word in this remarkable place in these unparalleled times.

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Latest from the 49 Writers Blog

From Writer to Author by Susan Pope

It’s a clear, calm October day in Chugach State Park. I’m climbing a trail that is new to me with my hiking group. It’s

Staying In It by Sean Ulman

An awesome Autumn tumbles on auspiciously in Seward. I am on the verge of climbing back into a novel. Nesting up the desk. Preparing

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