March 2014

Lynn: 49 Writers Weekly Roundup!

We’re post-equinox now in Alaska, and the increasing light boosts everyone’s energy. If you’re a writer itching to get out there and do something during these fabulous spring days, you’re in luck. There’s lots to do in Alaska, and beyond, in the upcoming weeks and months. Though she’s not exactly replaceable, I’m happy to fill …

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Daryl Farmer: The Studio

Last year, on the October cusp of winter, Joan and I rented a studio space in a building not far outside of Fairbanks. Joan is a potter, and our best Saturdays are spent together here where I write using an old computer and she throws clay on her wheel. She is also a speech therapist, …

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Dan Henry: “Amazing Tales” from Skagway

Simon Winchester Which prodigious bestselling British-American author was appointed by Queen Elizabeth as an Officer of the Royal Order and plans to mentor Alaskan writers in May? Simon Winchester, bestselling author of two dozen books since 1976, is this year’s North Words Writers Symposium keynote faculty. One of the world’s greatest living history writers, Winchester joins a …

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Linda: 49 Writers Weekly Roundup

As you read this, I’m heading overseas on a personal working holiday (with opportunities to promote Alaskan writers) in Austria (which has no kangaroos: they even sell a postcard asserting this). The adventure will culminate in a weekend in Krakow with none other than Alaskan writer Kathleen Tarr. While I’m gone, the roundup will be …

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Deb: Six Components of a Successful Book Launch

You’ve written your book. You’ve gathered responses from first readers. If you haven’t proven your chops as a developmental editor, you’ve found one to work with. You’ve revised, several times. If you’re not a good line editor, you’ve brought one to your project. Now you’re ready to publish. You submit and submit and submit until …

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Deb: A Writer's First Thoughts

First thoughts aren’t always best thoughts. When I taught collage comp, I repeated this mantra again and again. Creative writers would also do well to heed this simple advice. As proof, I offer two of my forthcoming books, each of which strayed a long ways from my original vision, and each of which is better …

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