David Vann

Noteworthy—David Vann

Among our favorite ex-pat Alaskans, David Vann recently released the book he deems his best, Goat Mountain. Booklist agrees, calling it “his finest, most contemplative work to date.” As the starred review in Library Journal notes, “Alaska-born Vann experienced catastrophic family violence in his past, and his work has returned to this theme again and

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Deb: The Writer’s Dilemma

Do not hurry, do not rest. ~Goethe Most of my writing life has been a waste of time. I mean this in the nicest possible way. An efficiency expert would produce a dismal report on the ratio of a writer’s time expended against her productive output. If money is factored in, the report turns even

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Ela: 49 Writers Weekly Round-up

Tired of your characters getting trampled by moose? Dramatic tension got you down? Are you being swallowed by setting?  Looking for a different sort of literary challenge? Perhaps you’re the next Executive Director of the 49 Writers…or if not you, perhaps you know someone who could be.  For a full job description and information on

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