2021 Poetry Broadside Submission # 15: MINDSCAPE By Amber Evan, Kongiganak

By Amber Evan, Kongiganak


It frantically wrote-
It anxiously scribbled
stories in and out of the world.

There, animals talked all the time.
There, animals played all the time.
(Well- they fought and made up, too.)

There, a reality existed where people lived on Mars.
There, these people made an amusement park using our solar system.
Well, isn’t that something to marvel at?


It met them. It dropped its pencil.

The animals didn’t stop talking,
they just weren’t there anymore.
The people- oh the wonderfully oblivious people – and their precious Saturn
rollercoaster, gone.

It was just them. It picked up its pencil.

It wrote frantically-
scribbled anxiously

about them.

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