49 writers weekly round-up

Here comes the first big three-day weekend of summer, with all of us reeling from a better-than-expected spring. In true Alaskan summer form, we’re rounding up mostly sunshine and good vibes, but while you’re out and about, don’t forget to pick up your copy of Tide, Feather, Snow for the 49 Writers book club discussion next month.

We’ve got a lot of fine authors here in Alaska, but none evidently fine enough to “collaborate” with governor Sarah Palin on her upcoming book. Lynn Vincent, features editor for a conservative Christian magazine, will have that dubious honor (and large paycheck). I’m sure my former high school students wonder why my definition of “collaboration” wasn’t the same as it will be on this project. Ah, well. The reading public is apparently still fond of clear and complete sentences, and for that we should be thankful.

We celebrated earlier this week with Andromeda, Nick Jans, and Catherine Rexford over their Individual Artist Awards from the Rasmuson Foundation, but let’s not forget that the good folks at Rasmuson also awarded project grants to five writers. Christine Byl, a literary artist from Healy, will receive $5,000 to complete her manuscript, ‘Dirt Work: An Education on the Ground,’ and attend the Breadloaf Writer’s Conference. Mei Mei Evans, a literary artist from Anchorage, will receive $5,000 to finish her novel. Jessica Golden, a literary artist from Anchorage, will receive $3,871 to revise, complete, and submit a manuscript of poetry for publication. Olena Kalytiak-Davis, a literary artist from Anchorage, will receive $5,000 to focus on writing poetry. And Vera Starbard, a literary artist from Anchorage, will receive $5,000 to continue writing her novel and attend a writer’s workshop. Wonderful projects, all.

And just because it’s summer, there’s no need to go all non-literary on us. On Monday, June 1 at 12:00pm and again at 4:30p.m. at the UAA Campus Bookstore, poet Tom Sexton will discuss his life in poetry and recite chosen work in his presentation, “For the Sake of the Light: One Poet’s Journey from Imagism to Closed Form.” Sexton’s latest collection of poetry, For the Sake of the Light, was published in 2009. For more information contact Rachel Epstein at 786-4782. This event is free with complimentary parking.

We’ll give all of you regular readers a break on Monday, but we’ll be back bright and early Tuesday morning with a great guest post from Brett Dillingham. Enjoy the holiday!

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