We enjoyed a big, beautiful snowfall this weekend, the kind that settles in a hush over the landscape and propels you on walk after walk. Even my little boxer puppy plowed bravely through the (for her) chest-deep snow.

It’s no surprise that in Anthony Doerr’s masterful novel About Grace, snow is the unifying theme, for what spawns more grace than a single crystal of snow? Spanning Alaska to the Caribbean, this is the tale of snow enthusiast David Winkler, who flees the north in hopes of outrunning a terrifying vision of his daughter’s death.

“Snow fell in the city; ice reached across the ponds; the sea groaned as it collapsed, again and again, onto the wharf,” he writes. Doerr lives in Idaho but he understands this place, landing his book on my list of best reads on Alaska, and snow.

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