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On the Active Voice: Writers Respond Podcast writers and artists discuss their work and the role of storytellers in these challenging and changing times with host and producer Katie Bausler.   

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AVP 26: Josh Fortenberry, Writer-Musician, No Such Thing as Forever

Katie’s guest Josh Fortenbery plays live tracks and reflects on the writing of his debut album. Southeast Alaska grown and produced, No Such Thing as ...

AVP 25: Kate Troll, Author All in Due Time

EPISODE SUMMARY Katie’s guest for this episode is Kate Troll, author of a memoir with an unusual focus. It chronicles, as she entered her seventies, ...

AVP 24: Lucian Childs, Author, Dreaming Home

EPISODE SUMMARY In this episode, host Katie Bausler chats with Lucian Childs, author of Dreaming Home, a powerful collection of six linked short stories on ...

AVP 23: Annie Bartholomew, Writer-Musician, Sisters of White Chapel

EPISODE SUMMARY In her debut album, Sisters of White Chapel, Alaskan writer and musician Annie Bartholomew brings a fresh approach to traditional folk music, channeling ...

AVP 22: Beth Ann Mathews, Author, Deep Waters

 EPISODE SUMMARY Beth Ann Mathews, her husband Jim and nine year old son Glen were living a full and vibrant life in Alaska’s capital ...
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AVP 21: Melinda Moustakis, Author, “Homestead”

Acclaimed author Melinda Moustakis on her debut novel, Homestead. In this first 49 Writers Active Voice Podcast taped LIVE, we go back in time to ...

AVP 20: Tommy Orange, Author, “There, There”

Tommy Orange on his commended debut novel “There, There”, which tells the intertwining stories of Native Americans en route to a pow wow in Orange’s ...
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AVP 19: Linnea Lentfer, Author, “Hold the Tide”

Linnea Lentfer reads passages from and discusses her debut novel. “Hold the Tide” is told by a young girl who like Lentfer, is raised hunting ...
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AVP 18: Bonnie Proudfoot, Author, “Goshen Road”

Ohio author Bonnie Proudfoot discusses and reads passages from her debut novel with Active Voice host and producer Katie Bausler. Goshen Road is told through ...
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AVP 17: Erin Heist, Singer-Songwriter on her debut EP, “Another Rainy Day”

“Last year felt like we were all going through a bunch of rainy days,” Erin Heist told Active Voice host Katie Bausler. When the pandemic ...

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Guest Blogger Kathleen Witkowska Tarr | Writing Toward a Twenty-First Century Counterculture

Merton’s coming to Alaska in that beast of a year, the “year of everything horrible” as he referred to it, is a little-known, under-told story. The publication of my book, We Are All Poets Here, coincides with the 50th anniversary of Merton’s Alaska journey, which also happens to be the 50th anniversary of his death. Alaska was one of the last places on earth he saw.

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