AVP 22: Beth Ann Mathews, Author, Deep Waters


Beth Ann Mathews, her husband Jim and nine year old son Glen were living a full and vibrant life in Alaska’s capital Juneau, which, as she describes lies, “between the ocean and a retreating glacier, a dynamic landscape that challenged and nurtured us.” She could not have imagined the challenges the family trio would overcome when Jim sustained a rare type of stroke brought on by a relatively common task. They’re the focus of her debut book, Deep Waters, a Memoir of Loss, Alaska Adventure and Love Rekindled. You can find this work of nonfiction on relationship resilience at your local bookstore or online. To learn more visit the author’s website at bethannmathews.com

1 thought on “AVP 22: Beth Ann Mathews, Author, <em>Deep Waters</em>”

  1. Lyndell Robinson

    Beth shares this inspirational tale of her family’s resilience… moving from hoping, to daring, to doing…while educating us about Alaska, anatomy and our ability as humans to stay connected/ to even evolve under stress. I especially enjoyed the interaction between mother and son, and seeing the honesty required from everyone…medical professionals, friends, her lover, herself.
    Looking forward to more from this author.

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