Alaska Shorts: My Love, My Home by Kiana M. Carr

Carr wrote the following poem after her last visit to Alaska in 2011. She
was born in Fairbanks and lived in the small village of Bettles until she was
seven years old, when her family moved to California. She says Alaska will
always be her home

Aspen leaves brilliant yellow contrast with white bark
The sun’s rays breaking through, washing all in a warm glow
Like the fingers of God reaching down for a warm embrace
Everything here brings me peace.

How I long to throw my arms wide
to embrace you, my dear Alaska!

My lungs yearn for your crisp, clean mountain and earth air
For glorious pine and spruce
I long to be enveloped in green
You cleanse my soul.

You open my eyes to all of God’s glorious creation
My heart swells with such intense love
I fear it will burst.

Those who don’t know don’t understand
how you get us.
You plant a seed deep in our soul and suddenly…
No place else will ever feel like home
And OH! How we want to go home!

Home to streams of salmon, oceans of fish
Home to wild blueberries, wild strawberries, rhubarb!
Home to the wild! Wild people and wild adventures.

Where Bush Pilots soar on wings like eagles
God’s majesty at every turn.
Rivers of brilliant blue and jade
full of glacial silt and salmon.

I am humbled by your beauty,
your grandeur, your peace.

Alaska’s got a hold of me.
Glacial fingers gripping my soul
Pulling me back….back.

No other place will ever feel like home
Only you, my love, my Alaska.

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