Alaska Shorts: Sad Music by Stephen D. Bolen

Sad Music

There’s a service today,
A young man I don’t know,
The cold I’ve come out of my own skin.
I’m falling down and down, keep going.
Is there any truth in this master confusion?
It isn’t even a storm anymore,
It’s calm and with good people gone now,
From this bright day,
I speak to the familiar—
I’m a stranger, ignore.
Even the wind is nowhere.
How will I get away from this
painfully content garden, I’ve grown
Before,there was an urgency, a reason;
My friends slay dragons, my love talks to the sky,
My body heavier, though thinner than usual,
Semicolons aren’t enough to keep anyone.
All I hear is sad music.

by Stephen D. Bolen

Stephen D. Bolen is a poet, father, and a student of English, Psychology, and Philosophy at the University of Alaska, Anchorage. He is Inupiaq and was raised in The Native Village of Kotzebue, Alaska. When not writing, studying, or spending time with his 2 year old daughter, Stephen works in construction, goes hunting on the Noatak River, and enjoys fine woodworking, carpentry and furniture building.

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