Alaska Shorts: The Tanana Chats

The whishing snow over the frozen river
Sends sastrugis marching to the
Ice boom drum. The wind chime
Rhymes carry from houses on the Western bluff,
Whose windows squint in the sinking sun.
The jet plane above the Eastern
Bank flies silently, stalked by engine churn.
A dog team, small and invisible, barks
In my ear.
Down river, white road runs.
Up river, I lay parallel ski tracks,
Blue in their own shadows
Through the golden snow pack.
I have found where the stars
Rest during the day.
Do we really share them?
I have found where I would come
Day after day to look, move, and listen.
Kaiyuh Cornberg is a young writer from Fairbanks, Alaska.
She spends as much time as she can outside.

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