Confession: I am pretty much completely out of the loop this week. But I do want to make sure you take a moment for the survey at 49 Writers. Your input is vital as Andromeda and I wile away the last few days of 2008 forging a new and improved blog for you in 2009.

Watching a hula revue last night (yes, this is what’s passing for literary stimulation here at the beach), I was struck by the similarity of dance as story across cultures. Drums, graceful hand gestures, skilled movements, an overriding sense of gratitude for the provision of the land. Cover some skin, add dance fans, and you’ve got something very close to native dancing, Pamyua style. And in case you haven’t heard, Barrow’s Suurimmmanichuat dance group will be performing as part of Barack Obama’s inauguration festivities. Read all about it over at the Alaska Dispatch.

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