Andromeda: Do Something To Feel Great Today– Support the Write-a-thon

Writing also includes taking breaks and having fun. Here, participants at the 2011 Write-a-thon do a quick yoga stretch before getting back to their poems, essays, and stories in progress.

Want to to feel great today? Try one of these easy, healthy prescriptions.

One: sponsor a write-a-thon participant, pledging even the smallest donation– say, $2 or $5. So far, the people signed up to receive pledges are (click on names to go directly to their FirstGiving pledge pages): Sandra Kleven, Jessica Golden, Michelle Saport, Lorena Knapp, Linda Ketchum, Christina Whiting, Lucian Childs, and me (Andromeda — also with Brian’s page to be showing up soon).

Two: Become a participant yourself! (As you may note, the nine folks above could use some company!) Everything you need to know about this event is at our website, with FAQs, reasons to participate, fundraising tips, and registration link. You have three weeks before the actual write-a-thon event on April 13 at Snow City in downtown Anchorage — but as you’ll learn from the FAQs, you can also do your own satellite or at-home event.

Let’s say you don’t want to feel great today–you’re not a write-a-thoner, maybe you’re not ready to donate. But maybe you want to feel great three weeks from now. Then we invite you to stop by Snow City on Friday April 13 at 9:15 pm for the fabulous afterparty (with “celebrity guests”) that starts at 9:30. If you were there last year, you know it’s a riot. If you missed out once, don’t miss out again. ($5 entry fee.)

Here’s my own attempt to add a new twist as a year two participant. I’m grateful for any donation of any amount (given that I don’t have a single donation yet, I’m going to be clapping my hands bigtime for that first one). But I’ve also concocted these premiums for higher donations. Click here to donate or for more information.

$10 — I’ll read and offer some brief feedback on an agent or editorial 1-page query
$25 — I’ll produce a personalized recommended reading list to help you on your own writing journey. You name three craft topics of concern (POV, character development, narrative time management, etc) and I’ll supply some reading suggestions that target those areas of concern.
$50 — I’ll read the first five pages of your draft novel and critique it using Noah Lukeman’s “First Five Pages” concept, pointing out any weaknesses worth correcting before submission.
$75 — I’ll send you a signed hardcover copy of my new novel, The Detour, OR I’ll visit your book club or writing group to discuss my novels or a topic of your choosing.
$100+ — I’ll name a minor character (warning — it might be an animal!) in my next project after you or someone you love. We’ll discuss any minor alterations that may need to happen to fit the novel or naming situation.

Thanks for supporting the 2012 Write-a-thon, the main annual fundraising event of 49 Writers, the organization committed to bringing you writing classes, events, retreats, networking opportunities, ongoing inspiration, and more.

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