Andromeda: New Books in Our Fundraiser Book Bags

Everything you ever wanted to know about talent, and about — ahem — “coupling” as the subtitle of “Bonk” puts it. In two books. (Well that covers almost everything, doesn’t it?)
These fascinating books, by authors Dan Coyle and Mary Roach, just came to my p.o. box as donations to our Book Bag fundraiser. For me, checking the mail has been a little like Christmas (or Chanukah) — nearly always a surprise waiting.
But of course, I don’t get to keep these signed books. They’re going into the next ten pre-packed tote bags, along with great books by Jo-Ann Mapson and Heather Lende, as well as various other novels, memoirs, poetry books, cookbooks, and more. For $80, payable in an easy click at, you get four or five books plus a raven logo tote, shipping included.
Why did we decide to run this particular fundraiser, one of two online fundraisers this fall? (The other being our online auction.) Because we thought it would be good all around. We keep nearly all of what you’re paying and use it to fund the 2011 events we’re currently planning. You get a pile of great books that are worth more than what you’re spending. That mutually beneficial outcome is made possible by the generosity of over 80 donating authors, plus the time of volunteers who contacted many of the authors.
Thanks — and quick, before the holidays are here, let us know if you’d like a bag or two sent your way. If you need a gift mailed quickly to a family member or friend, we’ll stand in the post office line for you.
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