Andromeda: Old and New AK Classics in our Fundraiser Book Bags

“… short stories telling of the life in the northernmost state … unique and original … a sign that Ravicz is an author to look out for in the future.” — Midwest Book Review

Two of our favorite things about being part of this collaborative blog: The chance to interview and read about writers we want to know better in an era of thinning newspapers and disappearing book review sections. And the chance to keep looking for those Alaska books with something new to say — books that may contribute, decade by decade, to the development of an Alaska literature.

Tanyo Ravicz is one of the intriguing authors we’ve featured here recently. He was kind enough to donate two books, including the short story collection above, to our Book Bag Fundraiser.

We’ve got lots of other great Alaska titles represented in our book bags as well: old classics and possible future classics. Randomly distributed in our $80 bags (which contain four to five books, shipping included) are Two Old Women by Velma Wallis, Cold River Spirits by Jan Harper-Haines, Beluga Days by Nancy Lord, The Accidental Explorer by Sherry Simpson, Living with Wildness by Bill Sherwonit, and Willie Hensley’s Fifty Miles from Tomorrow. (Any of these books a favorite of yours?)

Many more great Alaska authors (and non-Alaskans as well) have donated books and are listed at our fundraiser site,, where you’ll find it easy to place your book bag order.

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