Andromeda: Pick us! Mini-membership and donation drive

We absolutely love the “Pick Click Give” program that allows PFD applicants to donate directly to nonprofits — but we’re not part of it. Why not? Because you have to be at least two years old. We’ll be there soon, but we’re not there yet.

And yet, like most nonprofit startups, we need public support now more than ever. We’re becoming an increasingly professional organization, with needs for at least part-time staffing in early 2011 and the services of people (like accountants) and companies (like wireless service providers and printers) that don’t do it for free. We’re also planning expansions of programs: distance education in 2011, to name just one of several.

We were recently awarded our second Alaska Council on the Arts grant, for which we are grateful. We also recently attracted a new corporate sponsor. But to keep the lights and heat on, and to become the kind of professionally-run organization that writers need and deserve, we rely on people like you.

If you’ve supported us recently, thank you! If you’ve considered making a donation of any amount, or purchasing an annual $60 membership that provides discounts on our workshops, now is the perfect time. The PFD starts hitting bank accounts today, Oct. 7 (gotta love being an Alaskan!) and we’ll all be making careful choices about how to spend that money. If you’re planning to use a little of it to support worthy causes, please consider ours.

Image at top: our new bookmark design, thanks to amazingly talented volunteer Mariah Oxford. Expect to see these bookmarks around town this fall!

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