APU's Amorette Castillo: Why I Write

Thanks to Amorette for this post in a continuing two-month series from APU creative writing students.

I write in order to be able to tell others what is on my mind. I write to share my adventures and experiences. I write to vent when I am having a bad day. I write when I am feeling happy and childish. I write when I am in pain, both, emotionally and physically. I write for fun. I write for me.

When I write I feel relieved, distressed and happy because I am able to let it all out on paper and not look at it ever again unless I really have to. When I write, I write with no limits. I try to let it all out. I play music to help me concentrate and so that I can tune out the present day world.

Music is what inspires me to write as when I listen to music I don’t just listen to the beat but to the lyrics and how it can relate to my life experiences. When I relate it I am able to write. There are times where I don’t listen to music before I write and those times I am not able to get my thoughts together. Writing can be considered an art because people can admire your life, your writing skills, and they can feel your pain with the words you write. Writing can bring so much meaning to life especially when you have so much on your mind and you don’t know who to turn to, you can just write.

The piece I am currently working on is a story on my life with arthritis and all I went through from the first day I was diagnosed until present day. I am writing this piece because I want people to know what I went through in order to get to where I am today. I’m not writing this so people can feel sorry for me; I write this to show people to never give up no matter how many obstacles you face in life. So far my piece is going very well as I have the help of my classmates in my creative writing class to give me feedback on what I should or shouldn’t add. I hope to finish this piece after Christmas.

Amorette Castillo, 18, is from Los Angeles, California and is currently attending Alaska Pacific University.

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