Seven million is a big chunk of change for an Alaskan author. Really big. I’d wager it’s bigger than the sum total of every advance paid to every Alaskan author, ever.

According to the Canberra Times, seven million is the figure being tossed about as a possible advance by publishers and agents clamoring for Sarah Palin’s first book. No doubt those of us who question whether she will write a book worthy of such a sum will be accused of being jealous.

Some say it will play out just like it did for president-elect Obama: rousing convention speech + bestselling book = move to the White House. Indeed, the audacity of hope pales in comparison to the audacity of Palin.

One thing is for certain – our local papers can quit wasting editorial ink asking our governor to quit politicking for 2012 and focus on the issues facing our state. Seven mil will buy a lovely wardrobe she can keep, finance her move to DC, and a whole lot more.

Too bad we can’t work a deal like we do with oil – appropriate Palin as an Alaskan resource, and dish out a portion of the royalties to Alaskans every fall.

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