Authors Wanted: Alaska Book Week

Summer is passing by fast, which means that Alaska Book Week will soon be upon us! We would like to invite everyone to sign up for Alaska Book Week by clicking the participation form (via the ABW logo) on the right side of this website. Once you submit your form, the coordinator will be in contact with you soon. We would also like to ask for participants’ permission (particularly those who are looking for events to be involved in) to include their information on our website. This year, we are making more of an effort to create lists of Alaskan authors and possible venues so that we can expand on our yearly celebration–and provide more representation for authors and their wonderful books!

If you are an Alaskan author looking for an event to attend–either in a major Alaskan community or one in your area–please tell the coordinator what you would like to do. If you are a community member (librarian, teacher, bookseller, or other) and would like to put on an event for one or more Alaskan authors, please indicate that when you fill out the participation form. We are going to build a participation page into this website so that the participants and community members can see which Alaskan authors and what venues are available. We would love to add your facility to this list; please contact the Alaska Book Week coordinator for more information. The Alaska Book Week committee is also putting together a few events in the Anchorage community during that week, and we would like to hear from other communities if they are putting on events of their own. Please check back over the next week to see the progress of this participation form!

We would also like to remind Alaska Book Week participants that we are incorporating a YouTube campaign into our yearly celebration. A promotional video will be going up on this website and on our Facebook page soon, so please check back often. We already have a couple of participants lined up for interviews, but we would love to have more people on board! Authors may also send the ABW coordinator videos (or links of videos) of themselves reading passages from book they have written. Your video contribution will stay on the Alaska Book Week website and be enjoyed for many years to come. If you would like to sign up for Alaska Book Week and would like to be a part of the YouTube campaign, please let the coordinator know on the participation form. 

We encourage everyone to sign up for Alaska Book Week. Our yearly celebration cannot be successful without the support of our wonderful authors and community members. We are truly grateful for the connections that we build through Alaska Book Week. Thank you all for your support!

For questions or comments, please contact the Alaska Book Week coordinator at We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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