Blood-Sucking Attraction

Summer’s squeeze-it-in time up North. I’ve covered a lot of ground these last few weeks – 4000 miles, give or take a few. Great adventures in the Yukon, NWT, and of course Alaska. If you get a chance to drive the Dempster, don’t ask – just do it. Incredible wilderness that surpasses the Dalton by a long toss.

Just read an Op-Ed by NYT’s Gail Collins about the Twilight phenome. If you’ve had your head in a bucket and haven’t heard, Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight saga has sold over 4 million and counting. The attraction is a drop-dead gorgeous vampire who restrains himself in book after book from doing anything more than cuddle and kiss with his teen girlfriend, to whom he’s ever faithful and true.

Collins ponders what happens when teen girls saturate themselves with lustful but never consumated love while teen boys lap up internet porn. Healthy future relationships don’t pop to the top of the list.

We have more than our share of blood-suckers up here. Love and lust hardly come to mind when we’re swatting back swarms of mosquitoes. We like to think that our women are hardier than Meyer’s Bella, who spends virtually waking moment lusting over her vampire. Role models? Give me Fannie Quigley.

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