I’ve mentioned the un-Alaskan before. We have our standards here, and one of them is snow on the ground before Halloween. We had a little, but it melted. Fall extended itself, and it has been lovely. No leaves on the trees, but nice warm 30-ish weather for hiking and biking and such. Did about 7 miles yesterday out in Eagle River yesterday, then dropped one of my hiking buddies at the airport for her first flight back to DC since she set up housekeeping in Alaska. She was prepared to make up stories about snow.

Now we’re getting a beautiful little dump. The chickadees finally found there second feeder, outside my writing window.

Nobody says it quite like the French. Regarde comme elle tombe, cette belle neige. Mme. Gorge at Lincoln Junior High dangled a prize for the first 7th grade French student to shout out that phrase at the sign of the first snow falling outside our Madison, Wisconsin, classroom. I’ve forgotten the prize, but the phrase sticks with me. I say it to myself every year as I watch the first snow fall. “Regarde comme elle tombe…See how she falls, that beautiful snow.”

Now if only we didn’t have to drive in the stuff.

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