Death, Wolves, and Delicious Shoes

“Death, you see, is a
sort of silence, one that refuses to stay quiet. It must answer every

~ Paige Street
“I’m a wolf: of fast
flight.” ~ Lisa Jacklin
“Delicious shoes
She listens to the
blues –
At times”
~ Nevin
Paige, Lisa, and Nevin are all Alaska
authors. What else do they have in common? They’re all among Alaska’s
youngest writers – twenty and under, to be exact.
In case you’ve missed it, Alaska
has a program to encourage young writers through instruction, contests, and
publishing opportunities (including an online ‘zine): Write Young Alaska, aka WYAK, an initiative of 49 Writers. The excerpts above come from the WYAK
anthology published a few months ago.
Next up: more WYAK contests to encourage Alaska’s
young writers. Just in time for Halloween is the Ghosts and Legends contest. Writers
in three age categories are encouraged to submit their best bone-chilling tales
of their own creation, or a local legend retold in their own words. The deadline is Oct. 31.
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