Deb: 49 Writers weekly round-up

Much of Alaska is bathed in sunshine, and we’re feeling sunny as well at 49 Writers, basking in the sense of community you all have created at our new 49 Alaska Writing Center.  If you’re still spring cleaning, we’d be happy to take a few lovingly used DVDs and board games off your hands for our guesthouse.  Drop them off on the porch on June 16.

The Alaska Writers Guild is hosting a 2010 Alaska Writers Conference September 10-12. Nationally recognized authors, agents, editors, publishers will offer tips on becoming a better writer and reaching your writing goals. They will be discussing query letters, promoting your book, the hook on the first page, dialogue, the way of story, and much more.  There will be lectures, interactive workshops, seminars, manuscript reviews, and good one-on-one conversations with professionals who work in the book business. Visit the AWG website for the latest information: The Early Bird Discount ends May 30.

Select University of Alaska Press titles are now available electronically.  Visit to browse by title or author and select “Buy This Book” for pricing options.

That’s it:  we’ll let you off easy as the holiday weekend beckons.  Thanks again to our amazining volunteers and donors, and look soon for information about our Sept. 3-5 retreat at Tutka Bay, with registration opening first to our members.

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