Deb: Blog Coordinator, Anyone?

When Executive Director Morgan Grey asked how
long I’d been helping with the blog at 49 Writers, I had to stop and count.
Six years.
This amazing statewide writing center got its start as a
blog, and the blog remains one of its signature features. Accessible statewide,
it’s a way for all of us to stay connected, to feel part of the writing
community no matter where we live.
I’ve had great fun getting to know all of you who’ve written
guests posts and submitted Alaska Shorts features and interviews and Spotlight
pieces. But it’s time for me to move on to other adventures and let someone
else have the fun.
The volunteer blog coordinator makes sure a post runs each weekday on the
49 Writers blog, along with updating the featured author sidebar and promoting
the blog on the 49 Writers Facebook page. There’s a nice system in
place, with some regular items like the Friday round-up and the monthly
featured author.
On average, it takes ten hours a month to keep the blog up
to date, a little more if you end up writing an original post here or
there to fill in. If you’re reliable, responsible, pay attention to detail, know
(or can readily learn) the Blogger platform, and communicate well, 49 Writers needs you!

So come have a turn at keeping us connected via the 49
Writers blog. Fill out a volunteer
today, and in the “tell us about you” spot, mention your interest in
the blog coordinator position.
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