Deb: Stir Some Words Tonight!

Kirsten Dixon, featured in tonight’s Reading and Craft Talk

I did some holiday cooking this weekend, and my divinity
flopped. Too late, I discovered I could have added powered sugar to save it. Better
yet, I could have spared myself the pain by checking out Kirsten Dixon’s latest Alaska Dispatch post on how to make almond and chocolate toffee. It looks a lot
tastier than divinity, and I love everything that comes from Kirsten’s kitchen,
food and prose alike. A quiet and generous Alaska
celebrity, Kirsten has appeared on the Today show, delivered a TED lecture,
blogged for the Huffington Post, guided a wilderness lodge to international
acclaim, and recently re-released her Winterlake Lodge Cookbook.

Featured in more national magazines than we have space to
mention here, Kirsten is the speaker at tonight’s 49 Writers Reading and Craft Talk. Her topic is “Stirring Words.” If you like food, or if you like writing,
or if in the midst of the seasonal bustle you’d appreciate the inspiration of a
truly fine individual, be sure to join us at 7
at the Great Harvest Bread Company on Benson
in Anchorage
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