Deb: A Writer’s Convergence

What have you done lately for your writing community?
What have you done for yourself as a writer?
If your answer to either is “not enough,” fear not. Tomorrow
night, these two priorities meet in perfect convergence at the 4th Annual 49 Writers Write-a-thon.
You’ve got a story to start. A novel to finish. An essay to
draft. A poem that begs to be written.
Tomorrow, April 11, is your night. Four hours to indulge in
the pleasures of language and discovery. Four hours to devote to a project that
is your passion.
The bonus? While you nourish your creative self, you also help
sustain Alaska’s vibrant literary community.
At 49 Writers, we depend on Write-a-thon proceeds to help
fund programs that support the artistic development of writers throughout
Alaska. We’re short of our goal, which is to match last year’s donation total of $8000. Whether we
meet that or not depends on you.
If you haven’t yet signed up, there’s still time. Advance
registration is $10 at
It’s quick and easy: Make a page. Set a goal. Share the link. Your family and
friends want to support your creative efforts. They’re happy to help a good
cause. (Deb’s tip: Thank your supporters publicly, on social media. They appreciate
the recognition, and others will be inspired to pledge, too.)
Your pledge: to write for four hours and nine minutes. Most
of us will start at 6 p.m. tomorrow, but if another time slot works better for
you, go for it. If you’re in Anchorage, join the fun at Snow City Café, where
you’ll enjoy food, caffeine, inspiration, stretch breaks, and the fun and
excitement of converging with like-minded writers.
For $30, you can register at the door, but today it’s still
$10, and you still have a chance to rally support for a great nonprofit. Not keen to participate? Pledge to support another participant. It’s fast and easy and tax-deductible and guaranteed to impart the warm glow that comes from helping a good cause. 
What are you waiting for?

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