Ela: 49 Writers Weekly Round-up

Our fundraiser book bags (five books, logo tote, $80) will continue to be on sale through the holidays, and the next two people who order will receive, as part of their surprise mix of books, one guaranteed addition: The Winterlake Lodge cookbook by Alaska chef Kirsten Dixon, signed. If that sounds like a great book to keep or help you with your gift-giving, place your order now at www.49fundraiser.blogspot.com. Predictably, I can’t guarantee a cookbook or any other particular mix beyond the first two orders. Send me (Andromeda) a note if you have any questions.

A holiday gift from 49 Writers and the Juneau Public Library:  a free podcast, with powerpoint slides, of our Crash Course: Characters.  The link’s on the bottom of our website homepage.  In other exciting instructional news, we’ve opened a Fairbanks section of the popular An Agent’s Perspective:  The 3 R’s of Writing for Children, and we still have a few slots left in visiting author Cindy Dyson’s Writer v. Grinch:  The Fine Art of Micro-Editing.

Join F Magazine and La Bodega for a Beer Tasting and Haiku Party at Taproot, 3300 Spenard Road, Anchorage, tomorrow, Saturday December 18th, 7.30-10pm. $15 limited seating; live music all night. Bring your own ‘Beer Haiku’ to be performed and judged. A portion of event proceeds will be donated to the Scholastic Writing Competition.

We passed on last week that Mike Burwell is teaching a Writers’ Workshop with an emphasis in Poetry at UAA next semester and that it needs a few more participants to guarantee its existence. Here are some more details:
CWLA A352 Writers’ Workshop: Poetry 3.0 CR
Jan 13, 2011 – April 28 2011; Thursdays, 5.30-8.15pm.
Main Campus, Room 210 Eugene Short Hall, 2601 Providence Drive

Anchorage author Bill Streever (Cold) has been busy as ever.  Recently he did a live interview with Martha Stewart, with make-up and the works.  Next month he’s off to Italy for a book talk on the Italian version of Cold.  He’s been at work on a sequel of sorts:  Heat.  A great winter project, no?

Anchorage author Arne Bue has issued a press release about his ebooks from Smashwords. 

Margo Waring offers her services as a thoughtful and detailed reader, as well as a technical and copy-editor for getting books publication-ready. She is based in Juneau and can be contacted at margowaring@gmail.com

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