Ela: 49 Writers Weekly Round-up

We’re on the homestretch for registration for the writing retreat with acclaimed author David Vann at Tutka Bay Lodge. Only three of 17 spots remain. Decision time!

Last Friday, we shared the news that our 415 L. Street facility is being sold and we’ll be moving on Nov. 1. That’s all we knew a week ago, but what a difference seven days make. We researched a slew of locations, talked with some organizations, convened an advisory committee to discuss, and are very happy to say that we have a number of excellent options available, with one we’re particularly excited about (if you don’t mind waiting just a couple weeks more while we hammer out the details and get Board approval on the final decision). We still look forward to enjoying our 415 L. Street facility with you in September and October, but as at least one advisory committee member told us, “Raven Place” is wherever we are — meaning all of us, plus the events and upcoming classes we’re so excited about. (We knew there was a reason we picked a mobile bird as a mascot — and a trickster at that!) We’ve told you once and plan to tell you many more times: good things keep happening in large part because of the good work already done — by volunteers, supporters, blog participants, and so on. Thanks again for being such an inspiring bunch of people.

The Alaska Book Festival presents a Poetry Panel on Wednesday, July 28 at 7pm in the Schaible Auditorium on the UAF Campus in Fairbanks. Peggy Shumaker will moderate a panel of poets – Derek Burleson, Cindy Hardy, Jeanne Clark – in a discussion of Alaska’s best poetry collections.

The editors of F Magazine thank everyone for their submissions and will announce acceptances within the week. The deadline for September’s submissions is August 10th. The theme is ‘The Things We Lose.’ For October, the theme will be ‘Learning a Craft,’ November will be ‘Altered States,’ and December, ‘Villains, Scoundrels and Low Down Dirty Bastards.’ They request submissions by email attachment in word.doc format. Title the document with genre_Month_Last Name format. Submit to Teeka Ballas at artzineF@gmail.com, unless you’re submitting poetry, in which case submit to Bruce Farnsworth at whenpoetsfly@hotmail.com.

Juneau writer Geoff Kirsch publishes a column every second week in the Juneau Empire. This week’s offering is a wry look at the writer-as-handyman and the built-in obsolescence of household plumbing.
The Alaska Writers Guild will also be hosting the 2010 Alaska Writers’ Conference – mark your calendars for September 10th, 11th, 12th. See their website for latest information and to sign up.

Since 1965, the Pacific Northwest Book Association has presented an annual award to recognize excellent new books published in the region. If you’re a publicist or publisher, it’s not too late to nominate a book: nominations close October 29th – see the Awards page on their website for full details. But while you’re there, check out their list of nominees for 2011 – Alaskans are well-represented by Kiyo and Tomi Marsh and Laura Cooper’s ‘Fishes and Dishes Cookbook,’ Charles Wohlforth’s The Fate of Nature‘ and Lynn Schooler’s ‘Walking Home.’ A great list all round besides that – worth a look for some intriguing titles.

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