Final Best of Blog Voting — Until Dec. 19

We asked, and you answered! Thank you for adding nominations to our search for our Best of 2012 Blogger. We’ve compiled a 10-person shortlist in the poll at right, adding two new nominees — Lizbeth Meredith and Don Rearden — to the list.

(Don was tricky for us, because he can entertain us even when he’s advertising a class or making a financial appeal. We excluded those posts at first, but we agree with the extra nomination made in our comments box, suggesting that Don deserves a place at the table. And if this encourages him to write more posts for us, all the better!)

Nominees added some specific blogposts to our lists, so that some bloggers were nominated for more than one particular post. But we’ve decided to go with “Best Blogger” instead of “Best Blogpost” so that we don’t unintentionally pit a blogger against himself or herself, splitting the vote for that particular individual.

To refresh your memories and to again thank and celebrate these great bloggers, here are links to a sample blogpost for each of the writers listed in the poll (see below).

Voting will close on Dec. 19 with winner announced on Dec. 20, the same day we’ll unveil the list of 2013’s featured authors.

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