Guest Blogger Lara Madden – Effectively Use Microsoft Word to Publish your Book to Kindle

Is the idea of digital publication seem like a cloud away to you? Have you heard the complaints of Kindle readers regarding misformatted kindle editions? Do you want to try and reach that digital reader audience? 

Then this workshop is for you. 
Let me tell you about myself to convince you. I am Lara Madden, I teach university professors how to put their courses online and for fun I teach college students how to use Microsoft Office software for the College of Business and Public Poicy at University of Alaska Anchorage, and I am not a Millienial.
What this means for those of you interested in figuring out the digital skill it takes to publish your manuscript of any kind to Kindle is that I understand any trepidation or fear you may have of this crazy place called the cloud and I somehow know how to decipher what those Amazon Kindle publishing directions are actually saying.
So even if you are not completely interested in publishing to Kindle right now, I can show you some great Microsoft Word tools that will help you in your everyday life. Like this great tip: Microsoft Office 2016 just came out and GUESS WHAT? They have a MAC version too! So now the workshop can be for all MAC users too.
Effectively Use Microsoft Word to Publish your Book to Kindle 
Facilitator/Trainer:​ Lara N. Madden
Day:​April 7, 2106 
Time: ​6pm­- 9pm 
Location:​161 E. 1st Avenue, Door 15, Anchorage, Alaska 
Description: This workshop will be a hands on tutorial that covers how to use Microsoft Word 2013 and MS 365 Word online app to format your book manuscript to upload to Kindle. We will cover styles, bookmarks, parts of the book, inserting images and saving the book in the proper format to upload to Kindle. Participants will leave with a formatted document and tips and tricks to make the formatting process easier for future projects. 
This is best using Microsoft Word 2013 or higher and/or MS 365 Word App, if you are a MAC user. Technology Requirements: Laptop with internet capability, Microsoft Word 2013 or access to MS 365 online account. 
Learning Outcomes: 
● Understand Kindle publish requirements 
● Review Microsoft Office toolbar & menu options 
● Identify formatting needs 
● Integrate formatting skill into manuscript creation 
● Practice formatting a document ready to upload to Kindle
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