If you’ve been reading this blog, you know we’ve already invited you to support our write-a-thon, by registering, or by donating to someone who is participating (see sidebars at right).

But even if you’re not write-a-thon-ing with us, you are invited to a very special and uproarious write-a-thon afterparty. If you attended last year, you know what to expect. If you missed it then, don’t miss it this time!

The afterparty will begin at 9:15 (write-a-thon ends at 9:09) at Snow City. Stop by, buy a drink, and don’t forget your five dollar bills. We’ll be resting our brains with some Pen-Under-Pressure games — we in the audience rest, and the celebrity guests are put on the spot, challenged to come up with choice bits of memoir, fiction, and poetry, with the added challenge of incorporating words we provide ($5 to provide a word).

And look at these game players! Under the spotlight will be Stephen Blanchett from the amazing band Pamyua; playwright and journalist and all-around wordsmith Peter Porco; and Scared Scriptless improvisario Warren Weinstein.

Judging their efforts will be Don Rearden (our fiction guy), Susanna Mishler (our poetry gal), and Joan Wilson (our creative nonfiction gal).

So come on out. Tell your friends. Share this to Facebook. Email it to someone looking to connect with the local literary scene. Make a donation. Or just bring some five-dollar bills. We hope to see you there!

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