It's Write-a-thon time: get creative to support your literary community!

It’s hard to believe (with many of us still experiencing post-AWP syndrome) but the 4th Annual 49 Writers Write-a-thon is fast approaching. Friday, April 11, to be exact about the date. The main time and place: 6-10:30pm, Snow City Café – our gracious hosts since the event’s hopeful beginnings in 2011. Now it’s a firmly established feature on the 49 Writers literary calendar, with a loyal following of writers who look forward to participating every year. Click here for more information.

Everyone and anyone is invited to participate! (You don’t have to live in or near Anchorage.) Advance registration is $10 for adults and $5 for writers 18 and under. To register, go to the FirstGiving website and click the “Register” button to create your personal Write-a-thon page. Those of you in other communities are welcome to organize satellite events and create interest in bringing 49 Writers programming to your area: contact Write-a-thon coordinator Michelle Saport at and she will provide information, resources, and support.

This year, our goal is to bring in $8,000 in donations. In 2013, more than 60 writers participated (52 on-site at Snow City Cafe). Twenty-eight writers raised more than $7,000 in donations, supported by 208 donors. That’s an impressive effort! If each of you participating raises money, you will help us make significant progress towards our mission of supporting the artistic development of writers throughout Alaska, fostering a writing community, and building an audience for literature. Will you be our top fundraiser this year? In 2013, that honor went to Kirsten Dixon. The year prior, it was Lucian Childs. Their commitment to supporting Alaska’s writing community inspired our awe and gratitude.

Reasons to Participate in the 2014 Write-a-thon

  1. To aid and celebrate your writing. Just think of what you can create in
    four-plus hours with minimal distractions and fellow writers cheering your
    efforts. Take part in the action at Snow City Café, create your own satellite
    write-a-thon, or go it alone–but whatever you do, mark the day and participate.
  2. To raise money for 49 Writers and the 49 Alaska Writing Center. All
    proceeds from the event become unrestricted revenue that we can use to support
    our events, classes, the blog, and more.
  3. We’ll treat you to eats and caffeine.
  4. We’re giving away amazing prizes all night–anyone registered could win.
    Some of the offerings up for grabs: Raven’s Brew Coffee, gift cards to Title
    Wave, Snow City, Moose’s Tooth/Bear Tooth, and much, much more.
  5. For the carousing and camaraderie.
  6. All your friends are doing it–join them!
  7. Because your friends aren’t doing it–come meet new ones!
  8. Balance out tax weekend numbers with a good helping of letters.

Reasons not to participate in the 2014 Write-a-thon

  1. What good is four hours or a few thousand words? Just the beginning of a new story or novel or script. Or a really important turning-point scene. Or the chance to finish out a final act.
  2. Who needs community? When your brilliant book comes out in five years, will there still be a writing center, collaborative websites, bookstores, and colleagues around to help you spread the word? Maybe.
  3. Nonprofit organizations don’t need money–do they?
  4. Because you’d rather skip the event, skip the party, and just write a check. (Oh, wait–that is a good reason. Donations are always welcome at
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