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As the Thanksgiving holiday harkens in the last stretch of 2016, it’s natural to reflect back on the year while turning an eye toward the future. It’s been a decidedly transitional year, both for 49 Writers, Inc.and for our state and entire nation, in ways both obvious and subtle. We have much to be thankful for, and much to motivate our ongoing work as we head into—and create—our near and distant futures.

This holiday brings an opportunity to count our blessings. We’ve welcomed new energy onto the board and staff, expanded our pool of gifted instructors, and parlayed the support of donors, members, and funders into ongoing efforts to meet our mission.

With your help, we replaced our website, now inclusive of our collaborative blog read by thousands each month, and expanded our social media presence. We’ve facilitated conversations of diverse importance not just online, but on stage, continuing our Crosscurrents series, and others, while planning several more events for the new year. We’ve cheered on our locally and internationally-lauded Alaskan writer friends and neighbors from front-row homecourt seats, while enthusiastically helping connect their words with readers near and far. We’ve brought passionate and accomplished instructors committed to helping others think and speak together with new and experienced writers.

The writing life is never so solitary as the clichés suggest. We’re here as a community. We’re a collective tide floating fleets of boats. We’re a compass for some, rudder for others, and weather for many. 49 Writers is a response to and reflection of you.

I’m excited to share more details about our burgeoning statewide partnerships and the numerous programs coming next year. I’m eager to keep up a practice of advocacy for the literary arts and the essential dialogs they engender. And I’m happy include you in our scope of gratitude and commitment this season.

Thanks for belonging to the 49 Writers community. We wish you well, and root for your creative endeavors in our shared space within language and place.

Jeremy Pataky
Interim Executive Director 
49 Writers, Inc. 

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