Lynn DeFilippo: OMG it's AWP!

Day 1: Arrival

Sun poked through the clouds Wednesday afternoon when my
plane touched down in Seattle. I met my friend Erica in the SeaTac airport
baggage claim, and we rode the Skytrain to the Westlake exit. From there, we
walked a few blocks to the Sheraton Hotel. So many writers have converged on
downtown Seattle, I heard the numbers 10,000-12,000 tossed around, that the
waiters at the Sheraton hotel where passing around complimentary drinks while
the throng waited in line to check.
Writers, writers everywhere. Our new friend Rikki in line
behind us likened the packed line and the cheerful crowd to a “the Tuareg camel
market, only with writers instead of camels.” 
I’ve never even heard of the Tuareg camel market, but somehow that
description seemed apt. Let the metaphors and similes begin!
Registration was a snap at the Washington State Convention
center, with larger crowds expected to clog the lines come Thursday. Our
canvas totes contain a planner with a staggering list of sessions and the
program, a fat 225-page mini-phonebook. Take note: Lose your name badge, and
you’ll be out $50 if you want another one.
By this time, we’re ready for dinner. We strolled down to
Japonessa, a sushi restaurant with a Latin flavor. If you go, try the Mexican
Ninja roll, a spicy taste treat. The Seattle Crunch roll, according to
Kristine, was like a sushi donut with its tempura shrimp center and creamy
sauce. Definitely recommend this place for excellent, fast service and fresh
delicious food.

Okay, well, it’s late and like many of the writers here in
the lobby of the hotel, heads bent over their planners and pens in hand, I’ve
got to go over the schedule for tomorrow, the first full day AWP Conference,
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