In the midst of a beach read, my daughter pointed out that she liked the term “navel gazing.” I broke my “not over fifty” bikini vow so was engaged in some literal navel gazing at that moment. Take-away point: belly skin burns.

I just finished reading a book on blogging – yes, the irony of reading about an electronic form in print – as an exercise in navel-gazing. Lots of blogs are born every minute, so there are lots of little blog navels to behold. I’m just looking at mine, of course. And Andromeda’s over at 49 Writers, if that doesn’t sound too kinky or weird.

Blog stat services tell us who’s reading when and from where. What they don’t tell us is why. Do you like posts about books? Interviews with authors? Random thoughts from authors who happen to live in Alaska? Musings on the joys and traumas of writing and publishing? Whatever pulls you in, we’d like to know. Swing by 49 Writers and take the one-minute survey (I know, I know, I’ve mentioned it before) or email me at

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