And also, I’m always looking for more Alaska writer websites to add. Don’t be shy!

This week I’m adding the website of Leslie Hsu Oh, an Eagle River writer, UAA MFA grad, 2008 Rasmuson Award recipient, and public health advocate (especially relating to Hepatitis B). Her bio says “Leslie Hsu Oh brings a unique voice from the perspective of public health leader, mother, daughter, and wife with roots from Asian American and indigenous cultures.” Leslie has memoir excerpts forthcoming this spring and summer in Under the Sun and Rosebud Magazine.

And while I’m updating, I’ll mention that the Rasmuson Foundation has its own ever-growing blog, which has been tackling issues about grantmaking, stimulus funding for the arts and more.

Alaska Northwest has entered the blogosphere as well. They asked what readers would like to see — I suggested prizes! (Because I want my own turn to win a prize and I figure they have some nice books lying around. Or is that laying around? This is why we have editors.)

Anyway, the more the merrier. Into our blogroll they go.

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