Reading & Conversation Series: Kim Heacox


Recorded: Monday, April 24,2023 | 7-8pm
via Zoom

Kim Heacox first came to Alaska in 1979 as a ranger with the National Park Service. A freelance
writer now for forty years, he has authored more than a dozen books, five of them for National
Geographic. He has twice won the National Outdoor Book Award, first in 2015 for his novel,
Jimmy Bluefeather, and again in 2020 for his memoir, The Only Kayak, as an “outdoor classic.”
His newest novel, On Heaven’s Hill, seven years in the making and published last month, has
been called “the kind of story the planet needs right now.” Kim also writes opinion pieces for
The Guardian in celebration and defense of the natural world, mostly on the climate crisis,
biodiversity loss and threats to US public lands. He lives in Gustavus with his wife, Melanie,
their two sea kayaks, a moose in the driveway, a weasel in the woodpile, and forty-some chestnut
backed chickadees at the bird feeder.

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