Renee Downs interviews Kimberly Gray of Arctic Cliffhangers

has a story.” Sitting across the table, she sipped from her cup of tea and
closed her notebook, smiling. Born and raised in Alaska, Kimberley Gray began
her writing career early in life when she and her six siblings wrote and
performed plays for their mother. “
a joy to be someone else for just a little while.” Kimberley obtained her
bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Public Communications from the University
of Alaska Anchorage.
the 1980s she and her penpals wrote stories together. They created characters
and wrote a book that was followed up with two characters from the first. Book
#3 is a historical ghost story about a Sturgiss murder. At the moment Kimberley
has two novels “under the bed.”
avid explorer, Kimberley and her husband traveled the world to experience all
life has to offer. In August 2010 they traveled to Malta and Italy after
renewing their wedding vows. In September, he left for his job at Grant
Aviation, and two hours later Kimberley received a life-changing telephone
call. Kelsey, her husband of 30 years had died of a heart attack, leaving her
to continue that journey with their children and her friends.
a period of change and adjustment, Kimberley decided to make 2012 a year of
firsts, including her first ice climb, “a scary 400’!” An alumnus of the Alaska FBI Citizen’s Academy, Kimberley serves on the Board of the Alumni Association.
Currently Kimberley serves as an Events Coordinator for the Associated General Contractors of Alaska, planning such activities as an
Golf Tournament, a Spring Train Ride
and a Chili Cook-off. 
She was also the
owner of
Northland Graphics (Signs) and co-owner of Sinbad Network

and a 10 year member of the
Alaska Center for the Book. From
October through January she travels to schools for classroom presentations.
is also half of Outcast! Productions, LLC,
hosting murder
mystery events for the past 20 years in such Alaskan settings as the SeaLife
Center and the Valdez Airport, with

performances at major event openings, for fundraisers, and in collaboration
with local media, conferences and at private parties.
literary interests are primarily in the field of mystery and suspense. Kimberly
has been a member at large of Sisters in Crime since 1997 and is currently the
president of Arctic Cliffhangers, the Alaskan arm of the group.
name change occurred when it became obvious to the local board that not all of
the members were “sisters” and not all of the stories were about crimes.
Kimberley explained that the new name is more welcoming and acknowledges the
unique location of the group. The group members share a love of storytelling,
research and forensics in common, and her son, photographer Kelsey Gray, is
only one of its male members.
we were leaving, Kim handed me a card. On one side were these words:
Be impeccable with your words. Speak with
integrity. Say only what you mean.
Don’t take anything personally. Nothing others
do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own
reality, their own dream.
Don’t make assumptions. Communicate with others as
clearly as you can to avoid understandings, sadness, and drama.
Always do your best! Your best is going to change
from moment to moment. Simply do your best and you will avoid self-judgment,
self-abuse and regret.
the other side, it said simply: Don’t judge others and everyone has a story.
This is one of Kim’s stories. What’s yours?

The 2013
Forensic Foray will be October 19 at the Dimond Hotel. Speakers include FBI
Special Agents and an Anchorage Police Department Sergeant with
Special Guest, Mystery Author Jan Burke. For additional information, contact Kim at
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