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I live in one of the best places, bar none, to appreciate the wild natural environment. I also live in one of the most politically difficult places to work on its behalf: Alaska. I arrived in Alaska thirty-nine years ago with a Master’s degree from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. From my initial professional trial by fire trying to reconcile logging with world-class eagle habitat, to convincing former Governor Sarah Palin to address the effects of climate change, the Alaska School of Hard Knocks has been my calling.

I also live with a personal sense of wonder in the presence of mountains, rivers and oceans. It is only by immersing myself headlong into wilderness that I know I belong to something far vaster than my career. Touching this wonder sustains my ability to work on behalf of the environment no matter how difficult the politics may be.

~from The Great Unconformity: Reflections on Hope in an Imperiled World by Kate Troll

Part adventure, part memoir, part policy – always exciting – The Great Unconformity takes you on a fun, fast-paced tour of environmental, political and spiritual issues surrounding sustainability and climate change. Troll wraps her stories with the wisdom of recognized global thinkers. From climbing Denali in Alaska to running the Grand Canyon in winter, Troll’s stories take you on an intriguing journey of discovery and inspiration. Sprinkled in between are her insights gained from a career in fish politics, coastal management and energy policy. Never far behind is the voice of an activist on the frontline of climate change, and her sense of wonder that comes from living among wilderness.

Through Troll’s examination of events we see clearly that mankind is an evolutionary force, the great disruptive unconformity. However, through her stories and insights we learn than creativity is also an evolutionary force, the great awareness unconformity.  Which great unconformity will win out as the world races toward the two degree danger benchmark set by climate scientists around the world? Want to be part of the great awareness unconformity?  Read the book, enjoy the story ride and learn that there is indeed hope that worldwide climate change can be tackled.


“I devoured this book and learned a great deal from its many wise and colorful stories. Kate Troll is a soldier of sustainability, the Naomi Klein of Alaska, showing us the way into a better and brighter future. If we listen, and act.” —Kim Heacox, Author of The Only Kayak

The Great Unconformity … sets a high standard for courage and determination in this, our last chance to get it right.” —Kathleen Dean Moore, Author, Great Tide Rising

“To read The Great Unconformity is to spend time with Kate Troll who is delightful and inspiring company. If you only read one book on climate change, and what you can do about it, make it this one.—Heather Lende, Author of NY Times Bestseller, If You Lived Here, I’d Know Your Name


Kate Troll is an op-ed columnist, wilderness adventurer, speaker on conservation and climate issues and a member of 49 Writers. She moved to Alaska in 1977 and has more than 22 years’ experience in climate and energy policy, coastal management and fisheries.

As Executive Director of the Alaska Conservation Voters, Kate helped draft the creation of the Alaska Renewable Energy Fund and lobbied for the Sustainable Energy Act. She served as Executive Director for United Fishermen of Alaska. Internationally, Kate was Regional Fisheries Director for the Marine Stewardship Council, a global eco-label program.

She was elected to public office twice. Kate was appointed by Governor Palin to serve on the Climate Mitigation Advisory Board, and was the only Alaskan invited to participate in Governor Schwarzenegger’s 2008 Global Climate Summit.

From 2010-2016, she wrote for the Juneau Empire and is currently a columnist for the Anchorage Daily News.

Note: Kate Troll will appear at the Anchorage Barnes & Noble on Friday, January 12, at 6 pm.
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The book is available in softcover and kindle. The publisher is MFM Publishing, Los Angeles.
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