Spotlight on Alaska Books: Alaska Pursuit, by M.D. Kincaid

is calling the Lone Wolf Trooper Post from more than a hundred miles
across the frozen tundra. Getting there from here requires crossing a
major mountain range and following two sizable rivers. As he rants, I
squint through the frost-covered window at the ski-plane squatting on
the frozen stream below our cabin. The wings are laden heavy with snow
and will require sweeping at least once more before we turn in on this
frigid night. The early May storm hasn’t let up since our morning
snowshoe jaunt and silver dollar-size snowflakes now blow sideways,
slapping against the window pane. Compounding the near zero visibility
is the hour; it’s almost 10 p.m. and darkness will quickly shroud the tundra.
(Alaska Pursuit. M.D. Kincaid)

escaping death in their last investigations, Alaska Troopers Jack and
Jet Blake have settled into their new Lone Wolf, Alaska, post. Except
for the usual: village shootings, fatal accidents, bootlegging, drug
dealing, search and rescues, wildlife crimes, and life-threatening
complaints, bush justice has been relatively calm. On a cold spring
night with a blizzard raging outside, the Blakes cuddle up to a blazing
fire and all is good in their cozy log cabin. A phone call changes
the storm to reach a mountain-top airplane crash, cargo from the
wreckage opens a new adventure for the bush troopers. A world of drugs,
military weapons, skinheads, and sinister actions at the highest level
draws them in. Over-powered and out-numbered, it’s up to the law
enforcement couple to bring justice to the intruders on the Yukon River.
With creative undercover operatives, airplanes, boats and guns, the
Troopers rush to face the challenge.

Mike Kincaid
survived an exciting career courtesy of the Alaska Department of Public
Safety, with adventures from Ketchikan to Barrow and stopovers on Mt.
McKinley and the Bush. After retirement, he began writing aviation
technical works and for magazines and newspapers, leading him to dig out
years of notebooks as inspiration for the Trooper Jack Blake book
series. He was the stunt pilot for the movie, The Frozen Ground, based on a case also novelized in Alaska and Beyond. After almost three decades of Last Frontier thrills, he reluctantly left Alaska to be closer to family. Mike flies seaplanes for fun in North Idaho, writing when the weather grounds him. 
Alaska Pursuit, published by Adventurous Books, is available in paperback and on Amazon’s Kindle. 


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